Wenger believes experienced young Arsenal will survive the final league title.

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BeIN Sports analyst Arsene Wenger said on the looming Premier League title race between Arsenal and Manchester City. He would love to see his former club succeed despite their squad. Nowadays, almost no one has ever been through this kind of pressure.

After 31 matchdays, the Gunners who have faltered 2-2 in two straight games. Have 74 points, four more than second-placed City but played more than one game. 

This means that the important game that has to face each other at the Etihad Stadium (26 April) is a match. That decides the championship. So Wenger is cheering for Mikel Arteta, head coach Arsenal supported the gap in the score until then. 

The spokesman told beIN Sports.

“Arsenal and this group of players have never been in a challenge for the league before.”

“Hopefully they will make it this year because the next trip will be easier. But for the present when you haven’t been before. There will always be times in the season when the tension takes over.

“Whenever one starts to think too much that it is necessary to rush to win the title rather than the sequential growth. or how to play Then it was a stone problem when I was in charge of Arsenal, it was before. UFABET

“Personally, I don’t think Man City are favorites to win this season, it’s still Arsenal.” 

“What you want in that position is to have the upper hand if Arsenal win all their games. They closed the job So staying at the top of the crowd is better when it comes to the last 2-3 games.” 

“Obviously, Man City have a chance to overtake at home to Arsenal, which could be a game that decides the title.” 

“I would hold on to Arsenal, although I have no interest in it, but I will choose. We have to wait and see how much the CLPL will draw attention from City.” 

The last time Arsenal won the league was a legend in 2004, unbeaten all season, under Wenger.