Tottenham Hotspur gets PSG shortlisted, Kane adds spear.

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The Tottenham Hotspur club may face a real brain drain in the 2023 summer market. When Paris Saint-Germain of the French Ligue shortlist Harry Kane, a good spear.

Reports from ‘Le Parisien’ that PSG had to hunt for the England captain because Lionel Messi, the 7th Ballon d’Or star, was still kicking, cluttering up a new contract in the country. The Parc des Princes forced Strategic Advisor Luis Campos to find a way to escape and crush the 29-karat spear. UFABET

That’s because Ken’s situation is hesitating about the future in the fence. ‘Golden Spur’, which is unclear about the new head coach after the separation of Antonio Conte, the current contract that remains only in June 2024 and the senior age of 30 years, counting down the best moments of his career, still missing a major title. 

Therefore, coming out to find a new experience in the French Ligue 1 may be a good alternative for Tottenham players rather than settling in for English Premier League rivals like Manchester United. 

The obstacle for PSG is probably only the bounty that. Hotspur president Daniel Levy threatens to set an expensive price of 100 million euros. Including rivals for signatures, besides United, there is Bayern Munich. 

Kane has consistently scored 25 goals in all competitions this season. Totaling 428 appearances as a Spurs player, contributing 273 goals and 63 assists.