David Raya has once again urged visitors. 

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Brentford goalkeeper David Raya has once again urged visitors. That it would be nice to play for a team chasing every success in their path, leading to Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, who also had an eye on it, was not stuck.

The 27-carat stickman has less than 17 months left on his contract at GTech Community Stadium. A popular goalkeeper who shoots the ball from his feet accurately to set the ball short from the back, survives when pressing good and good at protecting difficult balls Spain national team World Cup 2022  

Plus the contract renewal situation of David de Gea instead of the original one at the end of June 2023 that is still uncertain. Make the management ‘Red Devils’ Short List Raya the first target.

Of course, he is ready to move from London to Manchester if he really wants to work. UFABET

“Honestly it’s cool to hear the name of those clubs wanting us, asking questions and following us,” opens ‘The Your Mine Away’ podcast. 

“Those teams are all world-class. Every player wants to play with, be involved in everything.” 

“I have the last year of my contract left. It’s still unknown what will happen in the summer. As I have learned that I brushed off 2 contract renewal proposals. Because it’s not what you’re looking for.” 

“ Want to push yourself to higher levels like the Champions League , Europa League and championships .” 

“ I want that experience. has come to believe in the importance of the profession. ”

 David Raya has played 32 games in all competitions this season, keeping nine clean sheets, but conceding 43 goals . The asking price is no less than £ 40m .