Your face shape, check your face shape by yourself.

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Your face shape, check your face shape by yourself.

It will help you to choose the type of double eyelid that best suits your face. Who has plans to do eyes? Let’s learn about at ยูฟ่าเบท your own face shape first. It’s a method that anyone can do, it’s not difficult at all.

What should I do to measure the facial structure?

             facial structure or shape of the face consisting of width and the length of the frame. We can measure the front frame. to find out. What kind of facial structure each person has In most cases. The length is measured from the base of the hair to the tip of the chin. Width section can be divided roughly It is the width of the forehead and the width of the cheekbones. Including Wat San Kram and then process the numbers to compare with different facial structures By the process of measuring the face frame. You may follow some simple instructions:

1. Prepare equipment 

Use basic equipment such as a tape measure. Or if not available, you can use a ruler instead, a pen or pencil and paper for writing numbers.

2. Measure the length of the face.

face length is the longest distance of the face. Place a tape measure or ruler against it to measure the length. By starting at the base of the hair or hairline, measure down to the end of the distance at the bottom of the face. Which is the chin, then record the numbers on paper.

3. Measure the width of the face.

face width divided into two parts 

  • measure the width of the forehead by starting from the temple on one side extreme on the other side of the temple Then record the numbers on paper. 
  • Measure the width of the cheekbones. The cheekbones are located on both sides of the cheeks. is the most convex part Some people may have high cheekbones. or differently large cheekbones by measuring the length from one cheekbone to the other and save the numbers

4. Wat San Kram

Start measuring from the area of ​​one jaw. down to the tip of the chin the other side of the face do the same combine both results Get the length of the jawline and write it down.

5. Measure the hairline

The hairline measurement is measured from the bottom edge of the hair root. down to the lowest area where there is a ball of hair Some people have high hairline or low hairline, looking very thin, which may make the forehead look too wide.

How do I know what my face looks like?

1. Oval face shape (oval)

         When comparing various facial structures, it can be said that oval face shapes It is a dream face shape of many people because it is a face shape that is well proportioned. It has more symmetrical curves than other facial styles. but the oval face no clear front frame therefore may cause a lack of sharpness can use makeup or around the eyes to help increase its prominence    


This type of face structure The length of the face is greater than the width of the face. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin. make the chin look slender not rounded prominently wide cheekbones The proportions of the face are balanced. From the base of the hair to the eyebrows eyebrows to the tip of the nose and the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin will have the same distance Its overall shape looks like a chicken egg turned upside down with the smaller side down.

Main personality traits of people with oval face shape

Normally, people with oval face shapes a good-hearted person quick to adapt Always get help from those around you. Stylish, love beauty, love beauty, dress well, like comfort, love art, cheerful, friendly, friendly and easy to approach. Always have good words to those around you always Reflecting the character of the eyes that are bright and consistent with the facial structure clearly. But if there is a droopy eye will make the face look clearly sad and miserable

Suitable for any type of eyes 

For the oval face. Able to do all types of double eyelids For people who want to be confident I might try to make my eyes look dark. that looks expensive or for those who want to add a degree of brightness It may also cause double eyelids, scratching lines as well.

2. Round face shape

         round face There is fullness of the face. It is a gentle and kind appearance. and look younger The highlight is the roundness of the face. and a bunch of rounded cheeks There is a curve as the main element. There is no sharpness of the front frame.


round face The width of the face will be equal to or almost equal to the length of the face The forehead is wide, looks rounded, and the cheeks are plump. The chin area is obtuse, no squares, no corners, the overall face frame looks harmonious. Smooth together the whole face. like the face of a child