5 simple ways to reduce salt, reduce sodium in the body Prevent kidney disease

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5 simple ways to reduce salt, reduce sodium in the body Prevent kidney disease – high blood pressure

“Don’t eat salty food, you will get kidney disease” This statement is not exaggerated at all. Because eating a lot of salt, fish sauce and various seasonings causes the kidneys to work hard. Until it is the cause of kidney disease that is extremely torturous. 

Because anyone who has seen a dialysis person should be able to understand the suffering of the patient very well. (Not counting the diet during the treatment period. Which is more difficult than usual as well) besides kidney disease People with underlying diseases, high blood pressure, and heart disease should also control their daily sodium intake. Report from https://ufabet999.com

Taste before cooking every time.

Before eating, especially food such as noodles, Chinese noodles, Chinese noodles, suki, etc., you should try every time before starting to cook. because sometimes some restaurants will already season it If accidentally add more seasoning In addition to the reduce salt salty taste Or it’s too spicy that it’s not delicious anymore. It also creates a habit of eating flavors for yourself without knowing it.

There should not be bottles of fish, soy sauce, sauce, salt on the table.

Try to reduce the addition of additional seasonings as much as possible. Anyone who likes to glance at the many ingredients on the table and can’t help but reach out and pick them up. Choose a table without seasoning. Or take the condiments off the table as soon as you sit down immediately. Including the dining table at home This will help reduce the itching of the hands and want to cook more food.

cut down on processed food

Processed foods often need seasoning. or add a lot of salt in order to maintain those foods to last even longer This is an effective way to preserve food. But we shouldn’t eat too much of these foods. Especially in the age when we have enough fresh food to eat each day. These foods therefore do not need to be stored and eaten in times of trouble like in the past. Processed foods that we should avoid include sausages, bacon, pickled vegetables and fruits, salted fish, salted eggs, and bean curds, among others.

Reduce eating semi-finished food

Semi-finished food is full of salty seasonings. (Plus with monosodium glutamate) So anyone who likes to eat instant noodles, canned fish, canned porridge reduce salt and other instant foods. You may be at risk of getting too much sodium. But if we have a need to eat. Please reduce the amount of seasoning to the minimum. Don’t put it until the end of the envelope. to taste the concentration of sodium that comes with the seasoning itself

Reduce the frequency and amount of dipping sauces.

Foods with dipping sauces, such as meatball dipping sauce Seafood dipping sauce, suki sauce, soy sauce eaten with raw fish Sausage dipping tomato sauce and many other dipping sauces Often contains a high content of sodium. Therefore, if you want to eat with good taste Please reduce the consumption of dipping sauces. by touching those foods to eat with only a small amount of the sauce Enough to let you know the taste is enough.