If you want you must look at the “biological clock”.

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If you want to look young and healthy, you must look at the “biological clock”.

Circadian rhythm vector illustration. Labeled educational day cycle scheme. Daily human body inner regulation schedule. Natural sleep-wake biological process explanation and chronobiology infographic.

Younger face formula No need to rely on skin cream. 

  1. Get enough rest 7-8 hours a day. and should not sleep more than 10 p.m. for skin cells or organs repair and in order for the skin to be fully restored  
  2. Clean your face gently, washing your face or wiping your face violently. Considered to destroy the skin causing skin to wrinkle in the long run biological clock. Therefore, you should wash your face with tenderness. and use a fine handkerchief that is specifically used for wiping the face
  3. Drink enough water to meet your body’s needs. It helps to increase the moisture of the facial skin. Make your face look younger.
  4. Replenish skin nutrition by eating foods that contain ingredients that help fight free radicals. Or nutrients that help the body create collagen, such as protein and vitamin C, will help the skin to be lifted , firm and look younger.
  5. Exercise improves blood circulation. Resulting in flawless skin more natural pink
  6. Say goodbye to stress You’re stressed, your skin is stressed, because stress triggers your body to produce cortisol into the bloodstream. As a result, the function of the skin is not normal, for example, making the face look older. Because the collagen under the skin layer is destroyed. Dark circles under the eyes From not sleeping well, acne occurs because the sebaceous glands work harder. until fat clogging The skin is prone to allergies, rashes, etc.
  7. Sunscreen because the UVA and UVB rays in the sun are harmful to the skin. cause premature aging Therefore, you should protect your skin from sunlight. by applying sunscreen every day

Let’s adjust the time of sleeping, waking up, eating according to the ufabet https://ufabet999.com biological clock.

Time 01.00-03.00

It’s the perfect time to sleep. Because at this time the liver secretes melatonin. Hormones that the body produces naturally. To help sleep better and should not eat. This time so that the liver can rest from work and prevent deterioration. If the liver is healthy will act to eliminate toxins in the body as well As a result, we have a younger facial skin.

Time 03.00-05.00

It’s the perfect time to wake up. To get the morning sun and breathe in the fresh air Regularly waking up during this time. It will make your lungs and skin healthier.

Time 05.00-07.00

The best time to excrete and should make. It a habit every morning Because the excretory system is enormously important for the human body. Excretory system that does not work normally and unable to excrete waste from the body Will greatly affect the skin. For example, making the skin sensitive, the skin not lifting, tightening, dryness, lack of water. Persistent rash chronic inflammatory acne and can cause premature aging of the skin, etc.

Time 07.00-09.00

Breakfast should be eaten during this time every day. It will help keep the stomach strong and helps in weight control as well. Those who do not eat breakfast, biological clock the brain will be slow, will have blurred symptoms. Therefore should have a breakfast. That contains complete nutrients such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread, boiled eggs, fruits and vegetables. And may add antioxidants to the body. To nourish the skin to be beautiful. by drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice or tomato juice, etc.

Time 09.00-11.00

The right time to work or activity because the body will very alert Sleeping during. This time weakens the spleen. The spleen will act to build immunity for the body. Destroy bacteria and foreign matter in the blood. If the spleen is not strong will make the blood. Flow not as good as it should Resulting in poor skin health as well.