Sheikh Yassim changes focus on Spurs takeover after heartbreak with Manchester United

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Sheikh Yassim changes focus on Spurs takeover after heartbreak with Manchester United.

Sheikh Yassim of the House of Qatar. Who were unsuccessful in taking over Manchester United, are preparing to change their goal to buying Spurs instead.

Tottenham Hotspur is showing serious signs of falling orange. When it was reported that Sheikh Yassim Hamad Al-Thani of the Qatari Royal Family. Who were unsuccessful in their takeover of Manchester United preparing to change their investment target to buying the Spurs club instead.

It was confirmed on Sunday that has abandoned plans to take over the Red Devils. From the Glazer family finished. After the latest premium offer Still being rejected

The ufabet that Sheikh Yassim ended his plans to approach Manchester United Because he was fed up with the delays that had occurred. During negotiations with the Glazer family That was delay for many months.

With plans with Manchester United having shelved, has a strong desire to enter the Premier League, causing him to prepare to look for another club. That is ready to transition the management of the club.

The report states that Spurs are likely to fall into this category due to the many qualities. That the Tottenham team has. And the fact that Daniel Levy’s ENIC Group capital group was previously in the news was ready to sell the club as well.

However, Sheikh Yassim must first contact Levy to inquire about the possibility before moving forward with a serious offer.

However, changing the target club for investment It happened to Roman Abramovich before. When he switched from Spurs to take over Chelsea instead and had good success managing the Blues team for many years. Before now it will release to Todd Boehly to take care of it instead.