Thomas Tuchel has responded to media questions

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has responded to media questions. After he was asked about criticism of former Inter Milan coach Romelu Lukaku.

         The Italian has been utilizing Lukaku’s potential and helped lead the team to the Serie A title last season. From the last game that the team defeated Juventus 0-1 in the UEFA Champions League, Conte criticized the use of players that the “Blues” are not doing well.

         When asked about this from Tuchel, he said: “Obviously he wasn’t on TV after the Tottenham game, I don’t have any resentment. He has every right He is in the TV studio. I saw him while taking a shower before the game at the hotel.”

         “I saw him talking about us and I saw all the pictures between Romelu and our players from the Tottenham game, they talked about their connection with Romelu and how strong he is. How many shots did he shoot? so they praised him.”

         “I can see But it’s not Lukaku’s problem, other teams have changed their structure to close the chance with Romelu but there are ways to fix that. We are dealing with each other.”