Public health officials unsure Juventus and Napoli can not play.

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Turin’s health official Carlo Picco is unsure if the Serie A match between Juventus and Napoli will go ahead as planned. Ready to call for the league to improve measures to deal with Covid-19.

Juventus have three players confirm to have test positive for COVID-19: Artur, Carlo Pinzoho and Giorgio Chiellini. 61,041 (total on Sunday)

Serie A is set to return to action on Thursday. UFABET The big game between the Bianconeri vs Azzura will kick in late at night.

However Picco stated that if asked for personal opinions about playing football games during this period. I think that the league should adjust measures to deal with Covid-19. 

“Lately I have been following a lot of different issues. I’m interest in sports games. But I don’t know the game Juventus – Napoli will play or not.” said Picco Turin’s director of public health.

“I don’t know yet. from the epidemic of the Omicron species. We should change countermeasures maybe in that case. Take into account the management of quarantine

“The format has change. This species spreads very quickly, but is not severe.

“Many people have been vaccinated. Therefore, improvement of measures is necessary. There will be more infections in football circles. But that doesn’t result in health surveillance.”

Juventus Football Club ( Italian : Juventus Football Club ) is the largest football club in Turin . It was founded on November 1 , 1897 (BE 2440) with many successes. It was also the first club to win all three European trophies, the European Cup (later renamed to UEFA Champions League ), UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Cup