Michael Owen has welcomed Chelsea striker Timo Werner

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Former England striker Michael Owen has welcomed Chelsea striker Timo Werner for battling criticism to score a goal for the club.

         The Germany international scored one goal in the second half to help the team win the home game. Southampton 3-1 in the Premier League game England on Saturday night. It was the first goal in the Premier League since April. This season he has only scored one goal in the Carabao Cup, with Owen praising Werner for struggling to succeed after being captured by VAR in the first half.

         “As a former striker as well I know how he feels. When he doesn’t score and he’s felt this way for a while,” Owen told Premier League Productions.

         “When you look at his goalscoring stats throughout his career. It was hard to believe how much he struggled at the door. The first goal I felt he had done nothing wrong. But I couldn’t help but get the goal and I thought, ‘Wow, it’s the opposite of him again’.

         “This (second goal) is a great move. Great balls (from Ross Barkley) and good balls from Azpilicueta and it was a simple finish for him. But it was nice to see him enter the area and glad he was able to relieve the burden on his shoulders.”