Cagliari Nahitan Nandez’s revealed that the club promised to sell him

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Cagliari midfielder Nahitan Nandez’s agent has revealed that the club promised to sell the player. He was under in January, with Napoli as a favorite.

Nandez has been linked with Inter Milan, Spurs and Leeds United in the summer. But Cagliari has never reach a transfer fee.

In such a case, the 25-year-old star had to stay at Sardegna. And have to apologize to the club’s chairman Tommaso Giuliani with his desire to move the team in the summer market.

Nandez’s agent Pablo Bentancur has revealed that the Uruguay international has been contracted by Cagliari in January.

“Julini has a contract with the player. And I will do everything I can to release him in January,” Bentancourt said.

“Nandez wants to win titles. He wants to play for a club in the Champions League. The president told us that Nandez is the most expensive player in Cagliari history, but we know the problems.

“A few clubs were looking at Nandez in January. Including Napoli, and I’d be delighted to see him in the Azzurri (Napoli) shirt.”

“I think Nandez will be able to move for a price that is less than the €36 million release clause. The president spoke to Naitan yesterday and told him that he would lower the price so he could leave.”