Guti on coaching Barcelona

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Ex-Real Madrid striker Guti comment in Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman’s future and offers him a job Even as a team of all-time rivals of the Real Madrid.

Ronald Koeman, 58, is facing a tough situation. Amid a shocking performance as Barca lost 3-0 to Benfica in the Champions League.

Guti said of Koeman’s situation: “It was a difficult situation, in many cases the results were not dependent on the coach alone. But he is the one who is responsible for all.” 

“Barcelona are not in a good financial position. But it is a difficult position to work in.” 

When asked if he would consider the position of Barça coach if offered, Guti immediately replied: “Of course, why not? I want to be a coach and show people different things than being a player. I have what it takes to be successful as a coach.”